High Quality Graphite Tube

No. Density SpecificResistance Compressurestrength Blendstrength Thermalexpansion AshContent Graininess
g/cm3 μΩ.m MPa MPa % μm
TT175 1.75 10 45 26 4 0.1 45
TT180 1.80 10 55 30 4.5 0.1 45
TT185 1.85 9 62 35 5.5 0.1 45
Company Introduction
ChenganTiantian Carbon Co.,Ltd. is located in Cheng'an County, Handan City, Hebei Province. It covers an area of 6 0, 000 square meters, has a registered capital of
5,000,000,0 RMB and employs 160 people. It is the world's leading graphite electrode manufacturer.
Product Description
 1. Material:
High Pure and high density Graphite 2. Application: Graphite tubes/poles/pipes have a wide application fields, such as: uUsed in furnaces because of graphite's low heat sensitivity uUsed for Aluminum degassing uUsed in the production of fluxing tubes used in the metal manufacturing industry 3. Advantage: (1) Graphite material is easily to be machined to plate, tube, rod according to customers' design and drawing. (2) Graphite applicaiton largely simplifies vacuum furnace design and construction (3) Reduce the consumption and lower down cost (4) Coefficient of Thermal Expansion

(5) Specific Resistivity

Graphite Tube: Different graphite materials are available for graphite tubes for different applications. Extruded, Vibrated, Reused, Impregnated and Oxidation resistant graphite tubes are available. Graphite tubes can be manufactured and graphite materials can be selected as per your requirements or working conditions. Why Choose Us 1.Tiantian Carbon is a graphite manufacturer with self production line and facilities. 2.we have experts with over many years experience. 3.we have more than 50 skilled engineers. 4.We have a strict quality control system. 5.we have professinal precision machining. Packing