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Smelting Graphite Crucible  Specifications: (Customized)

Standard parameter Test data
Sic ≥ 45% sic ≥ 48%
refractoriness ≥ 1650℃ Refractoriness ≥ 1665℃
Carbon content ≥ 30-45% Carbon content 30-45%
Apparent porosity 10-14% Apparent porosity 10-14%
Bulk density ≥ 1.9-2.1g/cm3 Bulk density ≥ 1.9-2.1g/cm3
Company Introduction ChenganTiantian Carbon Co.,Ltd. is located in Cheng'an County, Handan City, Hebei Province. It covers an area of 6 0, 000 square meters, has a registered capital of 5,000,000,0 RMB and employs 160 people. It is the world's leading graphite electrode manufacturer. Smelting Graphite Crucible Operating Tips:

1. The graphite crucible should be kept in a dry situation.

2. Take the graphite crucible carefully

3. Warm the graphite crucible in the drying machine or near the furnace. The warming temperature should be up to 500℃.

Graphite Crucible Advantages For Smelting:

1.High strength (Flexural strength: graphite strength increases)

2.High temperature resistance (graphite material melting point is 3850±50C)

3.Good heat shock resistance


5.Strong corrosion resistance to acid and alkali liquid

6.Abrasion resistance,

7.Good conductivity and thermal efficiency.

8.Excellent chemical stability

9.Small thermal expansion coefficient

10.Easy to clean

11. High Purity

12. High machining capabilities

Graphite Crucible  Application:

Graphite crucible has good thermal conductivity and high temperature resistance. During high temperature use, the coefficient of thermal expansion is small, and it has certain strain resistance to rapid heat and rapid cooling. It has strong corrosion resistance to acid and alkaline solutions and has excellent chemical stability. In the metallurgy, foundry, machinery, chemical and other industrial sectors, it is widely used in the smelting of alloy tool steel and the smelting of non-ferrous metals and their alloys..

Silicon Carbide Crucible Tiantian Carbon crucibles are carbon-bonded silicon carbide crucibles, which are characterized by excellent thermal conductivity and high chemical erosion resistance. Due to their carbon content, SiC crucibles have excellent stability at high temperatures and are therefore particularly suitable for processes where the temperature is changing frequently and where high heating rates are utilized. Before sale: 1.Free to provide information consulting and technical guidance. 2.The packing can be made according to customers’ requirements. 3.Reply to your enquiry in 24 working hours. After sale: 1.Exclusive and unique solution can be provided to our customer by our well-trained and professional engineers and staffs. 2.The supplier provides the buyer with the new craft, new technology and all other related advisory services. Packaging & Shipping