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Smelting Graphite Crucible  Specifications: (Customized)

Company Introduction

ChenganTiantian Carbon Co.,Ltd. is located in Cheng'an County, Handan City, Hebei Province. It covers an area of 6 0, 000 square

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1. The graphite crucible should be kept in a dry situation.

2. Take the graphite crucible carefully

3. Warm the graphite crucible in the drying machine or near the furnace. The warming temperature should be up to 500℃.

Graphite Crucible Advantages For Smelting:

1.High strength (Flexural strength: graphite strength increases)

2.High temperature resistance (graphite material melting point is 3850±50C)

3.Good heat shock resistance


5.Strong corrosion resistance to acid and alkali liquid

6.Abrasion resistance,

7.Good conductivity and thermal efficiency.

8.Excellent chemical stability

9.Small thermal expansion coefficient

10.Easy to clean

11. High Purity

12. High machining capabilities

Graphite Crucible  Application:

Graphite crucible with its special character is widely used in the smelting area e.g. gold smelting, silver smelting, aluminum smelting,

and copper etc. smelting in metallurgy, casting, machinery, chemical, and other industries.

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